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NEW! DWC Poetry Broadside Series

Collectible, limited-edition, autographed literary artwork. Decorate your home or office... or make them the perfect gift for the word-lover in your life.

Linda Gregerson's "Noah's Wife," available now.

We're pleased to announce the publication of the first three installments in the Downtown Writer's Center Poetry Broadside Series. The broadsides were handsomely produced by letterpress printer Harold Kyle (proprietor of Boxcar Press).
NEW!!! The third installment in the series, "Noah's Wife" by acclaimed poet Linda Gregerson (who is reading and conducting a workshop on October 17th) is available now. The beautiful piece of work is conveniently sized at 11x14--an easy size to frame with materials readily available at any craft store. To order this broadside, contact us.
Carol Frost, "The Part of the Bee's Body Embedded in the Flesh." 9x11.5. The beautiful Japanese paper is adorned with a delicate swirl of color, and the poem itself -- the title poem of Carol Frost's book "I Will Say Beauty" -- is printed in a clear and readable style. Each of the 50 copies is numbered and signed by the author. Several copies are still available.
W.D. Snodgrass, "Sitting Outside." 11x14. The broadside features gorgeous graphics and color, perfectly complimenting this new work by one of our most acclaimed poets. Each of the 50 copies is numbered and signed by the author. Several copies are still available.
Each broadside is available for $20 at the DWC. We can also ship the broadside Priority Mail for a total price of $24. To order a copy, contact DWC director Phil Memmer at (315) 474-6851 or pmemmer@syracuseymca.com.

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